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    Using importTextData to load text files

    ipaw Level 1

      I have been having a real issue  trying to load data from text files (tab delimited text file) into my  form.


      It  works fine if I use importTextData() with no parameters and it prompts  for the file name, then the row, but if I try and pass the path and row  it comes back with a -2 result "User Cancelled Row Select".


      My path is  formatted as so: "/C/temp/importfile.txt"


      It has to do with the path  somehow... otherwise my file would not load properly when browsed.


      And before  people let me know I can import my information via an XML file, yes I  know, but for this task, is not an option.


      The end goal is to have a fixed  drop-down on the form and depending on which item they select, Acrobat  will load a text file into various controls.


      I have attached my sample if  someone wants to take a look.


      Any help people can give is greatly appreciated.