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    Any tips for editing the root.fpj without causing headaches?

    notv4me Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have some topics that are in limbo; they appear in the project with a red X, but can not be deleted from within the project or Robosource. While they aren't necessarily bothering anything, they are annoying and make it harder to navigate through a large project (about 3,000 topics).


      I did get a tip from someone here to just edit the root.fpj and remove the references to these limbo files. And while that works, it seems to cause issues for my co-workers. After I do that, they often get errors that the root.fpj has been edited and asks if they want to Leave, Replace, Merge, or Manual Merge. Unfortunately the selection of these choices doesn't always result in the same behavior, so it's hard to tell them what to say.


      Do you know how to address this?


      If they choose Leave, they get the message every time they open the project.

      If they choose Replace, I think the changed root.fpj is overwritten by their version.

      If they choose Merge, well I don't know what happens if they choose merge, I'm afraid I'll have to redo my work.

      If they choose Manual Merge, a very unhelpful box appears asking them to fix unresolved changes. I thought I had gotten that corrected, but some were still getting that box wen launching the project and trying to go back in and do a Manual Merge again would result in the box disappearing and the project loading. Put the preference is for that box to never appear.


      Anyone else done this and had similar issues that they were able to resolve?


      A little background:


      • Using RH8 with RoboSouce Control. (Sorry Peter!)
      • We have 6 total developers and two projects.
      • This is really only affecting one of the two projects and resulted from me taking a couple hundred fairly useless stand-alone topics and bringing their content within larger topics.
      • RoboHelp crashed on me while in the middle of this task and thus resulted in the limbo topics.
      • We have not yet installed the two RoboHelp 8 patches; waiting on our IT to get around to it, we're pretty low priority.