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    Use of RSL's with ie6 not working


      Hi All,


      It seems my RSL (framework_3.4.0.6955) for the framework.swc and rpc.swc is not working in IE6.

      I have configured the RSL's to one root location because 3 flex-apps at different locations of the site needs to use these.


      So the RSL's are not within the folder of the swf's.


      I used the files from \Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\\frameworks\rsls\


      It works with IE8, Firefox and Chrome. I know, IE6 is a world apart, but can anyone clarify this?


      Btw, i compile from Flex Builder. And it does work when I add the framework_3.4.0.6955.swf and ...swz in the folder itselfs. But then I have to add these files in every .swf folder. And then the RSL's are downloaded separately from each different .swf location.



      Thanks in advance!