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    Referencing a Flex project from a Flex Library project (SWC)

      I have a Flex Library project that compiles to a SWC file.

      Inside this Flex Library project I need to reference some classes from the main Flex project.

      The question is what is the proper way to reference a Flex Project from a *Flex Library* (swc) project so that classes from the *Flex Project* are not compiled into the SWC file?

      So far the only way I have found to work is to add the source folders from the main Flex project as additional source folders (in Properties > Flex Library Build Path > Source Path), but the problem is that with this approach the referenced classes from the main Flex project are linked into the SWC file. I want to avoid this since the SWC is used as a library in the main Flex project and this creates errors during build (i.e. illegal override for class Blablba ...). Specifically, the errors started appearing after the main project was configured to be build as separate modules.

      Any suggestions?