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    24pa footage import in Adobe CS4 problem


      Hi Everybody. I have captured some 24pa footage recorded with a Panasonic DVX 100. The 24 frames are "embedded" in NTSC. I captured them using adobe premiere pro cs2. When I open a 24p project in CS2 i can send all the captured foootage to the timeline and It doesn't "ask" for any render (no red line). The problem happens when i try to edit that footage in CS4 so as to use the omf export in the future. I open a 24p dv sequence and i import the footage to the project. Then i "interpret footage" clicing on the "remove pulldown" tag. But when i "throw" all the clips into the timeline, some of them  needs rendering. As I stated before no clip needed that on CS2. I canno't find which the problem is. Can you help me? Please do not hesitate to ask for any additional info.

      Thanks in advance,


      Salvador Savarese

      Buenos Aires, Argentina