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    Win CE R3 Standalone Player

    DanDanCH Community Member



      Is it allowed to use the flash lite Internet Explorer flash plugin, which comes with Win CE R3, in another program than a browser?

      For example to use it integrated in a customer application to show the user interface or play SWF files.


      Thanks for your attention.



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          Thommasc Community Member

          As long as you can technically make it work.

          It is allowed :-)


          Don't except any adobe staff to answer your question here.

          There may be juridical issues underlying your request.


          But as far as I can tell, I wouldn't be so anxious as you might be the only people in the world planning to use the flash lite internet explorer plugin to do some stuff ;-)

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            DanDanCH Community Member

            Hi Thommasc,


            Thanks for your answer!


            I also check in the mean time the licence which comes with the R3 updatet of Win CE 6.0.


            Here some parts of it:


            Flash Lite Distribution License



            1.2        License Restrictions.

            1.2.4     Company shall not allow without the written consent of Adobe, any download of Flash Lite Software as a stand-alone component from a web site, the Internet, an intranet, or similar technology (an, “Electronic Transmissions”).  Company agrees that any distributions of the Software by Company, including those on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or other storage media and Electronic Transmissions, if expressly permitted, shall be subject to reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized use.  With relation to Electronic Transmissions approved hereunder, Company agrees to employ any reasonable use restrictions set by Adobe, including those related to security and/or the restriction of distribution to verified end users of the Company Product only.

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              What is required to use the Adobe Flash Lite support built into Windows CE 6.0 R3 to
              play a .swf file?  I've tried creating an html file with a link to the swf but it will not play.
              The same file will play on a older R2 release of CE with a stand alone player.  Since
              the Adobe Flash Lite support was added the stand alone player is no longer included.


              Is there an open source player which uses the Windows CE 6.0 R3 support to complete
              what is needed to play .swf files?





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                DanDanCH Community Member



                I didn't had any chance to try the flash plugin in R3 so far.

                So I don't have a real answer.

                But make sure you add the IE and FlashLite and all required dependencies to your Win Ce image,