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    Re: Highlighting a Moving Object with Track Matte Keying


      I need some help. I'm trying to use this article to highlight a football player pretty much exactly as described. The steps seem very straightforward but here is my problem. When I add my title and create a white circle, I can't see any of the dupe clip on video 2. (I'm using PE 7) All I see is black with the white circle.  I went ahead and completed the other steps just to see what would happen but the video never showed. The white circle did disappear when I selected video 3 for the track matte and everything was black. Here is what I did.


      1) Place clip in video 1

      2) Copy and paste clip

      3) Drag dupe clip and snap into video 2 even with video

      4) Select New>Title

      5) on title screen delete text box, chose circle tool and create white circle on black background

      6) title had already placed itself into video 3 when I chose new title

      7) sized title to length of clip and it snapped into place.


      This is where I'm stuck. All I get is the white circle and a black background when scrubing or playing my clip so I can't proceed with the other steps. What am I doing wrong or need to do different?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          When one applies the Track Matte Keying Effect to the Dupe Clip, and tie that to the Title on Video Track 3, the "circle" should disappear, and only constrain, or mask, the Video on Video Track 2.


          Now, one user, Ed Macke, has found that there are certain situations, where the Track Matte Keying just will not work, as it should, in PrE. In his tests (and mine too), it seemed that if this operation (the full Track Matte Keying) is done early in the Project, everything works perfectly. Things like doing Renders, or some other Effects seem to kill the ability to use Track Matte Keying. In our tests, it always worked perfectly, when done first, but under several different circumstances, would cease to work with new Track Matte Keying. We never were able to track down any one culprit that caused this. One of my test Projects had Track Matte Keying, done early. All worked fine. I did a lot of other editing to that Project, and when Ed began having problems, I just grabbed this test Project. Sure enough, adding another instance of Track Matte Keying failed, with the exact results that you got. The original Track Matte Keying still functioned, as it had, when originally done.


          There is either a Bug, or a group of circumstances, that kill Track Matte Keying in a Project. We both reported this to Adobe, but I have heard noting. The only workaround that Ed and I could come up with was to do all Track Matte Keying, before doing anything else, even Rendering. This Bug has not shown up in PrPro.


          As a test, start a New Project, and just Import one of your source Clips. Run though the steps, and tell us if the "circle" disappears and becomes a mask. Note: depending on what one wants to do, that mask can be inverted, to say Blur a face, rather than Blur everything BUT the face. This should work. I wish that I had a hard, positive answer for why it seems to fail, and exactly what the causes for that failure were, but it seemed to be too many different operations, and was almost based on some number of those different operations - like after 300 mouse-clicks, it failed.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Here is the link to Ed Macke's THREAD.



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              ftblcoach Level 1

              Thank you for your replies Bill. I'm new to this video editing stuff but it's really fun once you figure out how to do something.


              The original clip I was having trouble with was a 15 second cutout from my original footage. It was opened up as it's own seperate project. It had no editing attached to it at the time, however, I had done a number of operations to it that I took back off trying to make this work while reading a different tutorial. (I don't remember what all I did or I'd backtrack it a step at a time and see if I could figure out at what point track matte quit working.) Wouldn't work. I went back to the original footage after reading your replies this am and cut the clip back out as it's own project again. Then followed your steps without doing anything else first and it worked perfectly.


              I guess I have the "bug" as well. Not a problem for this project as I planned to cut each of these track matte clips as seperate projects and drop them into the master project anyway, but sure will be a pain if just wanting to add it to a clip in a working project. My brother just purchased Pr8. I'm going to forward the link to this thread and have him try it on Pr8 to see what happens. Anyway, thanks again. I at least know there is a way to get this done when needed even if it is a pain in the rear.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                That would be a worthwhile test. It could be that Adobe HAS fixed things, and Ed and I just had older versions, each of which exhibited the same problem. Please update your post, when the PrE 8 data gets in. That might help others.


                Good luck, and happy editing,



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                  Ed.Macke Level 3

                  In my experience, the Track Matte actually "working as advertised" was the exception rather than the rule (I'm using PRE7). Actually, it was pretty much a given that it wouldn't work. I never did figured out any rhyme or reason as to "why", despite spending more than a few hours trying.

                  But, as Hunt pointed out, the workaround isn't *too* painful - just start a new project and import the clip you want to do a Track Matte on, export it when finished, and use that exported clip in your master project.

                  Of course, if you're doing many clips, that could get annoying quickly. Luckily I wasn't!

                  I'd be curious if PRE8 fixed it...

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Hello Ed,


                    Thanks for stopping by this thread. I thought that you were on PrE 7, and you confirmed that.


                    Will be interesting to see if PrE 8 did fix things. With a Bug report, I do not expect any contact by Adobe, unless they need more data. If they can recreate the issue, then they just go about getting a fix. That might appear in an update, or maybe not until an upgrade. Because of other issues with PrE 8, I would not be surprised, if there was an update, which is not typical for this product, especially given the normal release schedule.



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                      ftblcoach Level 1

                      Ok, another question for you gentlemen.  I used the workaround, learned the keyframing and scaling, guasian blur to soften the edges and everything. I had the spotlight following the player with him staying very centered in the elipse. I also added a title over the last half of the clip with his name and number at the top of the screen.  I exported that as DV AVI to a file. Opened my master and chose Get Media, found this file in the folder I saved it to and imported it. When dropping it into my master project, it works fine except: The spotlight is not on my player anymore. It seems to be behind slightly. Also, when my player reaches the bottom of the screen, I'm seeing more video than I did on the original clip when I edited it. My "spotlight" cuts off flat at its bottom near the bottom of the preview pane but with video showing under the "flat" spot. This is in exactly the same spot the bottom of the video was in the preview pane when creating the effect. Any ideas on this? I don't know if I did something wrong or if it's just the way it is and I'll need to guess ahead of the subject when keyframing it and not let the spotlight get too close to an edge. Thanks for the help.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Coach, it sounds like you might have added Keyframes for Position and Scale to your base footage, when it should have been added to the Track Matte. The size of the Frame for the video should NOT change. Click on it and open the Edit Effects (Effects Control Panel), and look for any Keyframes in that Clip. There should not be any.


                        Hope that this helps, and good luck,