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    Solution for "Too Many Activations"?


      Does anyone have a solution for the issue of too many activations in ADE? I have fallen foul of this problem and it seems I am now stuck in, what I suspect is a very long, queue waiting for someone to reset my software. I have notcied many threads relating to this issue and there is always someone who very politely offers to reset the software (hopefuly that will happen to me!) but there does not appear to be a real solution. Why has Adobe created software that so regularly requires their intervention without (1) backing it up with more responsive support (My webcase has been languishing for 5 days now, despite having been elevated to a more senior level by a very helpful, but nonetheless powerless, customer support person); (2) At least promising to look into a permanent fix for the problem. I would suggest dispensing with this function altogether, as I am sure there are enough other measures in place to protect copyright, or providing more clear direction in the software set-up process to prevent users from oscillating between different accounts or software packages and clocking up more than the allowed number of activations.

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          metilou Level 1

          I too am in exactly the same position as you. I have been without my ereader for a week or longer. Like you my web case has been elevated to be seen by a senior technician and like you I am hoping that some kindly senior technician will see my plight and sort it out for me. I only have one computer and one ereader, but because of other difficulties (message that I had `no licence for the book`) I ended up with too many activations trying to sort the problem out myself. Hopefully someone will help us soon

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            Andy_AHL Level 1

            I have had my activations reset and have synchronised my two pc's to the same account. This has

            cured the problem for me and my ebook is useable once more.


            I still believe there is an opportunity for Adobe developers to alleviate this by clarifying some of the "do's and don'ts" in the installation notes for the software. (That is assuming that the "activation limitation" is something that cannot be dispensed with).

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              I am new to the world of digital books. I find it fascinating and full of promises, but I quickly bumped into the activation mess. Apparently I activated too many copies of ADE (in an attempt to find the best combination of OS and computers). I only have one reader. I de-activated some of the ADE copies, but that did not reset the count, so I cannot activate any other copies. I only have one copy still activated and working and I am praying that it remains stable or I will loose access to all my e-books and the reader. Waiting for Adobe to take care of that....(Case #0181449118)


              Sure there has to be an easier way to do this. I am tech savvy, and even I got lost and frustrated with this mess. How could my grandmother ever even come close to an e-reader if the overall experience is not made more pleasent and easier for the user?