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    email address for username?

    wefollow Level 1

      I have site for member only, and using email addresss for username.

      Is ther something i should know regard privacy or security for members ????

      thanks for reading....advice?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          There's nothing wrong with this.  In fact it is very common to use an email address for a login.  If you feel members will have a privacy issue allow them to choose a display name once they register.  Then whenever they are active or participate in your site the display name is what is shown to the world.

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            wefollow Level 1

            Someone is helping me to completed my site so i really don't want to add more work.

            My site is Job board site and i will not have Forum in my site.

            What is your advice  SnakEyez02 ......

            thanks for your advice...i like to asked stupid question then i learned something