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    Dynamic Chart series generation

    Sen Imagines




      I am using a column chart with multiple data series. The chart gets its data from an external XML file.


      I need to generate a new series based on summation of series points of multi-series.


      for e.g,




      <mx:ColumnSeries id="Series1" dataProvider="{srv.lastResult.data.result}" xField="month" yField="yValue1" displayName="y Value1" />

      <mx:ColumnSeries id="Series2" dataProvider="{srv.lastResult.data.result}" xField="month" yField="yValue2" displayName="y Value2" />


      <mx:ColumnSeries id="Series3" dataProvider="{.......}" xField="month" yField="SumYValue" displayName="Y Value Sum" />


      where: SumYValue = yValue1 + yValue2     and    Series1 & Series2 gets its data from an external XML file