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    Help, PE8 says: "Display performance will be poor due to incorrectly operating graphics card"


      I receive the following error message in the lower left corner of the screen upon starting a new project in PE8 or opening an existing one: "Display performance will be poor due to incorrectly operating graphics card or driver."  It seems that Premiere Elements 8 is not recognizing and hence not using my GPU to render files when burning DVD's.  Unlike PE4, which utilized my GPU ( I know this because I've installed GPU-Z which shows me when a program is utilizing my GPU) when encoding files and the like, PE8 takes more than twice as long to render the same files and projects when I attempt to burn to a dvd.  Not to mention it utilized my CPU at around 98% for the duration of the 2 hour burn, heating my CPU to dangerous levels. 


      I have the latest Graphics card driver for my Nvidia GTS 250: v195.62


      I've called technical support and they sent me to the following troubleshooting article, but I've tried everything to no avail: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/514/cpsid_51427.html


      Here are my computer specs:


      Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit, SP2

      Intel Quad-Core Q6600

      3 Gig Ram

      4 Hard-Drives

      Nvidia GTS 250 Graphics Card



      P.S. I can't re-install PE4 as it was bundled software that came with my wife's computer..and I consequently tried to uninstall/reinstall to my system with no serial number...Also, I don't want to revert back to an earlier nvidia driver on principle (b/c PE8 should work as advertised with the latest nvidia drivers) and more importantly, doing so might interfere with my games and other programs.


      One last thing.  PE4 utilized my GPU, I downloaded the latest trail version of Cyberlink's Power Director Software and it utilized my GPU, even windows dvd maker uses my GPU...However, I've spent a lot of time with PE4 and I love the features and the interface and would rather work with the latest from Adobe.  I'm using PE8 for a lot of video projects and I don't want to have to waste time watching it take 2 hours to render a DVD when PE4 did the same project in 45 minutes.


      Any advice regarding this problem would be much appreciated.  Thanks.