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    AE 9.0.2 (CS4) crashes consistently part way during render

    Chris iaia

      When I render, here's what happens:


      Everything starts fine but as the process goes, it renders each frame more and more slowly (estimated time goes from 4 hours rendering time to 12 hours).  Eventually the whole process grinds to a stop and the classic rainbow twirly starts up, crashing AE.  I have for force quit and start from the point it crashed.


      I have tried moving the source media to different drives, have tried exporting to different formats (DV, Photo JPEG, etc) and using different compression (uncompressed, none, DV, etc) but always end with the same result.  I have blown the PRAM, rebuilt AE preferences, tested the drives and same thing.


      I have AE 9.0.2, using a macpro quad core 2.66 w 4GB RAM.