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    Exporting to 320x240


      I am currently using a trial edition of the Premiere Pro edition.  I am trying to take small web clips that are about 2-3 mins in length and have a resolution of 320x240 when shot, and edit them in premiere.  Does it matter what the sequence settings are in terms of size/resolution?  I will ultimately need to output to Flash at the same size (320x240)...   The default sequence size is something like 740x480 and when I go to export, I have to either crop down, or force it to reduce the size which then leads to distortion in video quality and especially my titles.  What is the best way to go about getting my video out clean and at the right size?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You will want to use a Sequence Preset that matches your source footage 100%. In your case, choose Desktop and then you can customize to match all attributes of your source footage. In your case, your source footage also matches your Export settings.


          Note: the trial version does NOT support anything MPEG, but otherwise is completely functional - just do not try to use for Import, or Export, anything MPEG.


          Good luck,



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            jv49724 Level 1

            Hi Bill,  thanks for your response.  It makes perfect sense that you would want to use a sequence setting that matches the video size.  Here is the problem that I have run into when setting the settings to Desktop and choosing my dimensions...   When I put everything in the timeline, all my video and titles line up perfectly.  Then, i render the workspace and it all gets messed up.  basically, after render in the preview screen, the images have all been smooshed to the left 1/2 of the window, with nothing but black on the right 1/2


            talk about a brick wall. where to go from here?  Something in playback settings?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              OK, that is odd behavior. Let's step back a bit. When you run one of these AV files through the free utility, G-Spot, what are the specs. Doing a screen-cap of G-Spot will save you a lot of typing, and might give some details, that you could easily miss.


              Next, let's see your exact Desktop custom settings. There could be something slightly amiss there.


              Last, when you say Render, you are talking about hitting Enter, to Render the Timeline for playback, right? Some folk mis-use the term Render, when they really mean Export/Transcode, and I want to make sure we know where and when you are seeing this behavior.


              Thanks, and we'll be watching,



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                jv49724 Level 1

                Hi again!  I am not aware of this free utility known as G-spot...  I mean, my clips are pretty simple.  They are shot on a Microsoft Life Cam and they are about 10-20 MB, and their shoot resolution is 320x240.  I have been successful in importing them in Premiere, edititing and then cropping down the size when the sequence settings were at their default size of 720x480...  Just didnt like dealing with items/workspace larger than they needed to be or the idea of resizing... Im sure you can understand


                as for my desktop settings, they should be useable.  the only thing that I am changing is the size and the video and audio track settings...

                video settings are 320h 240v (1.0000)

                Frame Rate: 29.97

                Pixel Aspect Ration: square Pizels (1.0)

                Fields: Lower Field First


                That's pretty much the sequence settings.


                And yes, I mean render to render, not to export.  I press Enter, or I click render under sequence as is necesssary.

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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  Your video preview file format (read: the codec used to render previews) is probably set to a format that is incompatible with your sequence settings. Likely, you're using Microsoft AVI DV NTSC, which can only be used with a specific frame rate, frame size, and so on. Your sequence settings do not match those necessary parameters, hence the bad render.


                  With your sequence highlighted in either the Project Panel or the Timeline Panel, go to Sequence > Sequence Settings, and look at the Video Previews section at the bottom of the dialog box that appears. It probably looks like this:


                  You can either change the codec to something other than one of the DV flavors (the quality and size of the render files varies depending on the codec), or you can change Preview File Format to I-Frame Only MPEG; there are no codec options for that. See if you can render cleanly after changing either of those parameters.


                  Note that neither of these have any direct effect on exporting; they're simply setting how the preview files are created for timeline playback.

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                    jv49724 Level 1

                    Your answer is helpful.  I changed the codec to something like Microsoft video, but I am unable to change the Preview File Format...  When I rendered the video demensions were correct though there was a greater degree of loss of quality.  I understand that this is only a preview and should not effect export.  HOWEVER, when I try to export I am told that the settings are invalid, and then Premiere shuts down on me saying that a serious error has occurred...


                    Perhaps some of this is due to the fact that this is a trial edition?!?

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                      Colin Brougham Level 6

                      Ah, yes--you won't have I-frame MPEG available due to the MPEG licensing restrictions in the trial.


                      The codecs available when you use Microsoft AVI as the file format vary widely in quality. I rarely render, and when I do, i'm usually in a DV sequence, so my previews default to that codec. I can't give you much input on what codec would be the best for previews, so you'll just have to test them out and see which provides the quality you want to see. Of course, those previews mean nothing when it comes to export...


                      UNLESS... the "Use Preview Files" option is checked in the Export Settings window. It's sort of hidden in the flyout menu; it's the little button to the right of the tabs labeled Filters, Video, Audio, and so on. If that's checked, AME will use the generated preview files to encode to your desired export format. If you use a less-than-stellar preview codec, and this option is on, your export will suffer, so it's best to only use that if you want to do a quick check of how your export will look.


                      If that option is on, turn it off and see if you're able to export. Also, what format are you trying to export to? That may be part of the problem, as well...

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