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    deleted scenes menu? pre8


      Hi all,


      Still learning pre 8 and i'm at the point of making the disc menu's. I figured the basics out, menu markers, scene markers, stop etc but what I want to do is this.


      Main menu looks like this


      Play movie



      Deleted Scenes


      And I want the deleted scenes to go a new screen with a series of scenes to pick from (kind of like how scenes by default works)


      Hope that makes sense and someone knows if its possible.


      thank you very much


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Which Menu Set are you looking to use? There might be a way to do similar.


          Should it not be doable in PrE, you can Export/Share, and use a program, like Sony's DVD Architect to set custom navigation.


          In Adobe's Encore (only bundled with PrPro now), this is easily done. Much will depend on the Menu Set that you need.


          Good luck,




          [Edit] Looking back at your criteria, I do not believe that PrE will be able to do this, but DVD Architect (or Encore) would, as one does things manually, rather than the semi-automatic way that PrE does it.


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            mverhaar Level 1

            Thanks Bill.  Always helpful.

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              mverhaar Level 1

              How many main menu items can you have?


              The template I choose had 4 (play, scenes and 2 others)


              Are there other template that have 6 or 8



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                A Standard (4:3) Menu can have up to 32 Buttons, and a WideScreen (16:9) can have up to 16 Buttons.


                Now, that will not be 100% useful, since PrE uses a semi-automatic authoring scheme, and will choose the necessary Buttons, and Scene Selection Menus, based on the number of Chapter Markers in the Project. PrE will automatically omit unused Buttons, and if one modifies the number of Buttons, it will have to be done with PrE's authoring capabilities, and the way that it handles Buttons, fully in mind.


                It is much easier, IMHO, in fully manual authoring programs, where one creates the exact Buttons (within the DVD-specs), Menus and linking needed. That is why I love Encore. I can create all of my Menus in Photoshop, and so long as I use the required naming conventions, and do this within the DVD-specs., all I then need to do is Link my Buttons to my Assets (Timelines, Play Lists, Menus or Chapter Playlists). Yes, it does take some time and some planning, but the capabilities are virtually limitless, hampered only by one's imagination.


                Not sure of the capabilities, or the limits of DVD Architect, but many use it for custom authoring, and the price is right, ~ US$39. Not sure if there are versions of this program, as I have never really looked at it, only read the reviews and suggestions of others here. With Encore on my machine, I do not have to look too far, to do almost anything that I can dream up.


                Remember, PrE uses Menu Sets, and the Button Layer Sets have some unique and very special naming conventions, to so that semi-automatic authoring. I can design Menus for Encore in my sleep, but always have to have a PrE Menu Set open, to use as a reference, and then test, test, test, 'cause so much is done automatically, based on the Menu Set and on the Project. It's a lot more work, and one slip will render the Menu Set unusable in PrE.


                Good luck,



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