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    Importing swf files

    Dave Blake
      I am creating a photo gallery setup in which the thumbnail images are contained within a movie clip. Each thumbnail image is also a button to load that image (it will actually be an swf). I am having trouble getting the swfs to load.

      Here is my code in the main flash file to initilaize and load the first image swf:


      Here is the code for a thumbnail:

      on (press) {
      //set the variable that holds the name of the movie to be loaded
      //tell the currently loaded content movie to play it's outro animation

      Here is the code in the swf files that are imported:

      loadMovieNum(_level0.Gallery, 1);

      What happens now is that no matter which thumbnail I click, it just reloades the initially loaded image swf. However, if I put the thumbnail image button on the main file, they work correctly. Why is it that when the thumbnails are clicked from the movieclip that is on the timeline, they don't work?