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    Random missing images

      Hi there,

      I have a gallery application that loads several images per page. The images are loaded from a server using Image.source. Simple and plain http paths.

      What now happens is, that after a while browsing the pages some images randomly dont appear any more. Only if I close the browser I can get it working again.

      Whats also strange, when I call the path to such an image directly with firefox I get the message "The image could not be displayer because it contains errors". So firefox encounters the same issue like the flex app does.

      Cleaning cache, connections and everything doesnt work either. Only when I close the browser I can call the image again.

      I tested this behaviour on 2 different servers and under firefox und IE. It is everywhere the same.

      So has anyone an idea what might be happening there?


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          ntsiii Level 3
          Full or relative urls? Are you doing any navigatetoURLs?

          Trace the image source values for a while, perhaps you will see something.
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            TheKoelnKalk Level 1

            yes, all full urls.

            What I do is:

            - Image loading queue, to load only one image at a time (same issue if there is no queue)

            - Added UPDATE and COMPLETE event handlers to each image. Result: paths are ok, no error or warning messages in the console, all these events are firect correctly.

            What is really interesting:

            The images that cannot be displayed are also not displayable viewed directly with the browser (by entering the image path), It then tells you about a broken image. When I save the image file, it is ok.

            Once the browser is closed and restarted it works again for a while.

            Here is the queue code that I am using (the image and source params are all correct, even when it comes to this issue):

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              TheKoelnKalk Level 1
              I have to add something new I found out:

              The flex app is loaded into a popup window (called by using <a href="..." target="_blank">).

              When I now close that window with the flex app, I can access the image again, wich means it is not broken anymore oO

              However, could it be that my Flex app doesnt close the image stream correctly or locks the image file in the cache somehow?