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    Can't capture hdv with Premiere Pro

    wardacameron Level 1

      I'm having a hard time capturing video from my Sony HDV-HC7 Hi-Def Camcorder. I'm running Premiere Pro CS4 on a DellStudio system running Win 7 64 bit Ultimate. It has an intel i7 CPU (8 cores) with 12 gm of RAM.

      When I run Premiere and select Capture it opens up the capture window correctly and allows me to control the camcorder. The camera is connected and working. However it won't capture. I have tried to capture several ways:

      1. log the in and out points on the tape and then do a batch capture.
      2. capture the entire tape.
      3. manually press record when the correct scene is cued on the camcorder.

      Each time the result is the same, nothing is captured. The play counter shows the tape is playing and I can see the tape playing but the recorded scene length remains at 00:00:00

      I am connected via 4-pin (camera) to 6pin (computer) via firewire. I have tried two different firewire cables just to make sure it wasn't a cable problem. I do not have a dedicated capture card unless my Hauppauge Win TV HVR-1250 can be considered a capture card. My firewire is off the system board so I don't have a dedicated firewire card in the system.

      I've gone through Adobe's troubleshooting tips and none of the options helped.

      1. My hardware meets the minimum requirements

      2. Recreating (even reinstalling) the cache doesn't help.

      3. tried two different tapes with the same problem

      4. The cable connections are working. I've even tried two different firewire cables. Both indicate an iLINK connection on the camera and the capture window can control the playback of the camera with no problems.

      5. Scene Detect is grayed out so I can't deselect it but I don't think it plays a role in HDV capture.

      6. I've checked my device control settings. The camera is set to sony and alternate 1. I set it this way because I couldn't capture anything on Standard. I tried this setting and it captured one clip. After that, I could no longer capture on this setting again. Regardless of whether I'm set on Standard or alternate, the camera status is online.

      7. Capture with another utility. I tried the sony capture software as well as Premiere elements 8.0 and I have the same problems.

      8. Make sure all video has been rendered. They are.

      9. Select playback settings (set to automatic).

      10. I am logged in as an administratore

      11. I don't have a capture card. Do I need one?

      13. I do run it with no other main programs running.

      14. all my drivers are current.

      15. my video card driver is current.

      I should add that I have the same problem trying other software like Premiere Elements 8.0 and Sony Picture Motion Browser so I'm guessing it's a hardware issue.

      I appreciate any suggestions. Do I need a dedicated video capture card? If so, what do you suggest? Do I need a 4 pin Firewire port rather than a 6 pin? Do I need a sony dedicated cable as some forums suggest?

      Thanks in advance.


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