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    Display different images inside the same image field

    Fernando Montenegro

      Hi guys,


      Currently we have a requirement in which we have to place an image and the image on click has to produce another image (a zoom in, for example).


      Currently it is doing this using the code below:


      Script - click event of the First Image button


      var image = StaticImage1.value.image.value; newImage.rawValue = image;


      Script - click event of the Second Image button


      var image = StaticImage2.value.image.value; newImage.rawValue = image;


      However when clicking the second image it will ask for an image to be loaded everytime!!


      Is there a way around this image load event? We want the user to be able to click the second image without asking him to load a another image (no event on click).


      P.S. Attached is how we did it, and you can see clearly how it asks for an image on click.


      Thanks so much and best regards,