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    "Photoshop Library operation failed" while importing some .psd in AE CS4




      I am currently corking on animating a storyboard and received 58 .psd files from a drawing artist. All files are 886x472 with 5 layers of B&W drawings, representing just 360Mo.


      I import them as "composition" since I need to interact with the photoshop layers. the problem is that AE imports the first 28th then stop and a window pops up with that message on it:


      Photoshop Library operation failed (most likely out of memory)


      First time it happens to me. Does anyone know about this?


      Here are my specs:


      After Effects CS4 on a PC with, I think, the latest updates


      XP Pro 32bit SP3

      Intel Core2 Quad CPU - Q9450 @2.66Ghz

      with 4Go RAM (well 3,25Go + I did the modification for 3Go in AE)


      I have a cache folder on C: with 2000Mo allocated


      Here is what I already did:


      - clean memory in AE (sorry for the translation, it is "purge" in French), but it did again

      - closed PS and Bridge, but it did again

      - open a new projetc and tried again, but it did it again

      - reboot the system... but it did it again