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    After effects boot up time takes forever!



      I have  Q9450, 8GB RAM. OS is win7 and all the apps are on the OS drive (C:). scratch and page file are on another drive (20Gb in raid 0 HDD's) and also I put on C: drive pagefile of 12Gb (I have lots of space).


      When I double click on AE icon, the logo of AE seems to run fast, while it loads all plugins, then it dissapears and the After Effects window shows up, and from this point, it takes exactly 90 seconds untill I can start working, as if it loads something (but the CPU doesn't load anything, so it seems). I see the blue circle of window 7 (like the sand clock, back in XP) and only after 90 seconds I can do something.


      When I had Vista it started alot faster, like 10-20 seconds.

      When finally i can work, it loads every project very quickliy. The problem is always at first boot up (start up) of program. If I close the software and open it again, same thing.


      Any ideas?