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    Export File Size Estimate

    deb1992 Level 1

      We're running PPro CS4 on Windows Vista 64bit.  When we export our movie (File/Export Media), it used to give us a pretty good estimation of the exported file size, in the bottom left corner of the Export Settings box.  This was helpful to tweak our export settings to give us the desired file size.  Now the estimated file size either does not show at all, or it shows an extremely low number (4MB) no matter what settings we have.

      How can we get the file size estimation to show and show correctly?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What are your Export settings?


          One observation that I have made is that multi-pass Encoding can vary fairly dramatically, as the Encoder does not know how well it'll do, until into the process. Do not know if that is what you are seeing.


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            deb1992 Level 1

            Here's an example of our Export Settings:


            File Type:  Quicktime

            Height & Width:  1280x720

            Video Codec: H.264

            Frame Rate: 30

            Quality: 59

            Field Type: Progressive

            Aspect: Square Pixels

            have Set Key Frame Distance checked, 30 frames

            Have set Bitrate checked, 5000 kbps

            Audio Codec:  AAC

            Sample Rate 48000Hz, stereo


            The file estimation shows 4mb, however when it's exported, the file size is 500MB-1GB, depending on the quality we have set.  The file estimation used to give us a fairly good estimation of file size.  This is useful when we're trying to export something to upload on a website that has a file size limitation.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              OK, that IS a major difference. Did you change H.264 CODEC's? I have no clue why it would once get you closer with the same settings, but now does not.


              Thanks for the info and good luck,



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                deb1992 Level 1

                We're not aware of changing any CODECs.  We also don't understand why it will sometimes show us an estimated file size (although it's way off) and sometimes it won't show us any estimated file size at all.  Is there a setting or option we may have accidentally changed?

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                  Matt Petersen Level 3

                  This seems to vary from Codec to codec. CS3 gives a pretty good estimation of a WMV encode, but doesn't try to come up with a number for a QT encode. Also, Premiere's maths can be off a bit if the sequence is other than video + audio. For instance, a piece with a little bit of video at the start and audio that continues on past the end of the video will yield a video much much smaller in size than PP's estimation. This makes me wonder if PP uses the opening parts of a sequence to do it's calculations.