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    Pencil Tool line not displaying in real time - Windows 7: 64 bit


      This post is intended for informationaly purposes mainly but also to see how many other users have experienced this issue.


      When using the Pencil Tool in Flash CS4 the line does not appear until after I've released the left mouse button or Wacom Pen nib. In other words you can write on a blank page the letter A but it only becomes visible after releasing the mouse button. It's invisible ink!


      The same problem occurs on my other machine with the only difference being an Intuos compared with Intuos 4 tablet - however it has same problem with a USB mouse, so it doest appear to be a Wacom issue.


      I've found a (kindof) fix.

      Open Flash CS4

      Open the Wacom Tablet properties panel either from the Start Menu or Control Menu - leave it open while using the Pencil Tool in Flash CS4 and it all works fine!


      I would be interested to know if anyone else has the same issue - might only be relevent to Windows 7 - 64 bit (i've not tested 32 bit). All was fine in Windows XP.


      Windows 7 - 64 bit (2009)

      Flash CS4 10.0.2

      Wacom Driver pro612-5_int - the new driver 613 made the pen go into Quick Point mode randomly so I'm using the older 612.5 drivers.


      All other tool in all other CS4 programs i.e. Photoshop etc work fine. It just happens with the Pencil Tool in Flash CS4.