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    Aligning stroke


      AICS2, Leopard


      Hi folks,


      Align stroke in the Stroke palette only works intermittantly. The first time I align the stroke, it works...usually. On the next try, no dice.


      I've trashed Prefs. Still no dice.


      I just tried creating a new layer then aligning stork...TYPO. I'll leave aligning storks to the genetic engineers...aligning stroke works every time on the new layer.


      Is this a glitch in CS2? Fortunately, the new layer workaround is OK for this project. But is there something else I can do to have different stroke alignments on the same layer?


      Thanks in advance.



      (saving pennies for CS4 upgrade)

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          TDToomey Level 1



          The layers thing isn't working. Also if I move a path that happens to have the stroke aligned outside when I want it, the path realigns itself to the default centered on the path. I have a feeling I'm missing something obvious but can't figure out what. Help?



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            Harron K. Appleman Level 4

            Hmmm... Can't replicate it here on AI 12 (CS2) running on OS 10.4.11.


            I see you've trashed prefs. I assume you've also tried the basic reboot. Perhaps the other old standby: pasting everything into a new document?


            Have you updated to 12.0.1? This issue is not listed among the addressed, but it might do the trick.

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              TDToomey Level 1

              Thanks for the update link. I thought I had updates installed.  Anyway, that seemed to do the trick. Not in the alreadt existing file,  but I chanted the fill and stroke of a path I'm working with to None and  copy/pasted it into a new file, and by golly, it seems to be working.  What a pleasure. THANKS!


              Now here's another question for you: I  messed up the attached  drawing when I tried scaling it down. Those  faint red lines are one of the things that went wrong. I have spent most  of the day trying to recreate this drawing and have gotten exactly  nowhere. For this week's award for the Most Brilliant Solution, do you  suppose you can figure out how I got this?

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                Harron K. Appleman Level 4

                Ummm... what faint red lines?


                I'm not sure what's wrong with your drawing. Looks OK to me. Perhaps you can give us a before and after... or a screen shot of what you're seeing.

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                  TDToomey Level 1

                  I think it might be my monitor because there's really no reason for that ghost stroke.


                  My main problem with that drawing is that I cannot remember how I drew it. I messed it up when I tried to scale it down. And now I can't seem to redraw it. I was hoping you might be able to help. I know I outlined some strokes and expanded and expanded appearances. But I wasn't keeping track. I've been working on this design for a week or so for a class project on environmental graphics. I finally came up with one I like, and now I can't get it back.





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                    TDToomey Level 1



                    I figured it out! I was just messing around the first time I drew it, so it was hard to replicate.


                    It all depended on being able to align the strokes in different ways. I'm going to make mulitple copies of it, because I'm not sure I'd be able to replicate it again.


                    That upgrade did the trick. So thank you, thank you.