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    PageMaker can not print ps-file to creat a PDF




      I want to create a PDF from a PageMaker file with the export function. I can start the printing and the computer seems to do something but than message appears saying that the postscipt can not be saved (sorry, just a rough translation because I use the software in German).


      When I try to produce a ps-file first and than convert it with Distiller: something seem to work in the background but I never find a ps-file. And yes, I checked where the file should be saved and I looked in the correct folder.


      This problem seem to arrise since I installed CS4 and the Technical Suit as the company wants to proceed to work with FrameMaker. But I am not sure about this because this morning suddenly I could create a PDF out of 2 Pm-documents but before this and afterwards I had the same problems. I have no idea what could have changed for this moment.


      I also tried different documents, even opend an empty document and just enterd some letters. Nothing worked


      In the past with PM 6.5 and 7 we had a problem with the company's font, but we resolved that problem with a setting in the Distiller. I checked this first. But no matter what setting I enter in the Distiller  now, no PDF is created.


      I think the problem is that PageMaker seem to be unable to creat a ps-file.


      I work with

      Windows XP SP3

      PageMaker 7.0.1a



      Is anyone out there who had solved this problem or any idea what to try? I would appreciate a temporary solution as the change to FrameMaker is planned but not done yet and I need the PDF of 300-page-manual to send it to our customer. Thanks