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    importing MS Word into Flash


      I`m interpreting a large piece of MS Word text into movie shorts I mean to organize into an interactive `newspaper` style presentation that can be perused online. With `web-presentation`, I`m a true novice; so my first crucial question is: How, or can, I import text from MS Word into a Flash Film/Presentation, with all its fonts+colours intact? My rusty logic is that D-Weaver seems kinder to importing text, but is designed to make websites; I only want to make web-presentations, which I assume can inhabit websites such as MySpace. Any help, even to point out the right tree from the wrong tree I`m barking up, would be great

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can't.


          about the best you can do is to


          1.  copy and paste the text into flash (but, you'll loose the formatting).


          2.  copy and paste the text into a txt file and load that file.  again, you'll loose the formatting but you can apply a stylesheet to maintain some or all of the formatting.

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            RKRIS1 Level 1

            So, does D.Weaver copy in MS Word more clearly? I understand there`s sacrifices: Im just trying to gauge the difference between D.Weaver, which seems designed for websites, and Flash; yes Im Im dumb: but what Adobe CS4 systems could I use to import MS Word pretty much as is, ie InDesign, even? (I dont know) , or any? If there are none, then fine, I`ll find a way (legal, ie recorded film!); but surely even if you limit yourself within the CS4 camp-site, there must be a rational way to organize a web-presentation comprising the nature of a newspaper-site which contains imported MS Word text and allows for Flash films to be scattered throughout, performing various functionjs (loop, click`n`play, etc)!  

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              RKRIS1 Level 1

              kglad, I`d like to think you; its probably the smallest delusions that hold people back from getting into

              Flash, and like a spoilt brat I thought there would be a simple way to put Word straight into it. There really are worse things at sea than a bit of re-formatting here and there. Cheers for putting me straight before I pulled the remainder of my hair out!

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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                you're welcome.


                and yes, i believe you can save a word doc as an html file and then open that in dreamweaver.


                and you can create an image of your word doc and load that into flash.