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    How To View or Run .CLA files?


      I've downloaded sample applications from Adobe LC web.

      I've Unzipped the file, but then I don't know how to open it.

      The file extension is .CLA

      Can you help?

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          What is the sample application you downloaded?

          Are you referring to *.LCA file? or the file you downloaded is not meant to be unzip and use.


          The *.CLA file might be associated with Java Class files or a shortcut for *.CLASS file extension. (Something i retrieved from the internet search)

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            PhyllisCaro2010 Level 1

            I've doanloaded

            this file. Adobe-Samples-Application-EndToEndMortgageApplication.cla

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              $Nith$ Level 4

              Step1: Rename your file into .LCA


              Step 2: Goto Adminui-> Services -> Applications & Services-> Archive Management-> Import Archive.


              Step 3: Locate your file and click import.


              Now you can see the updated processes and forms in your workbench.






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                PhyllisCaro2010 Level 1

                Hi Ninth


                The file extention is LCA and not CLA.

                Where is adminui located? is it an application?

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                  ryan.sg Level 1




                  It is an administrative web ui for adminstrator to manage LiveCycle ES services and processes.

                  The file you download is a LiveCycle Archive file that contain Livecycle Process, Resources and other information, which required to use AdminUI to import into the Livecycle Server.

                  There should be more information about the LCA you downloaded.

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                    Mrsunilg Level 1

                    can we unzip this .lca file??

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                      Mrsunilg Level 1

                      yes we can unzip .lca file. just rename the extn as .zip and unzip it by right clicking on zip file