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    Allowing Global Security Settings for Local Flash Content

      Hi all,

      We have developed one e-learning course for our client. This course will be deployed on the CD; that means it will run locally. This CD will be dstributed to thousands of users. In this scenario I am currently suffering from the Global Security Settings issue as this project uses Fscommand to communicate with the javascript. We can set the Global Security mannually but it is not feasible to ask client to mannaully set the Security Settings to "always" as there are thousands of users viewing this course locally.

      I have tried setting "always" value to allowScriptAccess property of the Object/embed tag in the html but it does not work where the browser Security Settings are kept as "High".(I think this is the reason)

      So what will be the workaround for this issue?

      Please reply me if you gone through this problem and found any workaround.

      Thanks in advance.