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    Link for the Blueprint Plugin is not available

    Y.A.O.Z.A. Community Member

      It seems the plugin is not available anymore. Can anyone verify this, thanks.


      I'm using this link to download the plugin.



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          reflexactions Community Member

          My understanding is that sadly the BluePrint Eclipse plugin is now effectively 'dead'.


          This is IMHO a real shame as I found it extremely useful to be able to contextually access BluePrint from within Eclipse.

          It has been replaced by the Community Help search engine which is a browser search engine though there is a stand alone AIR version that has an option to search for source code.


          You can't open it inside Eclipse and you can't dock the window in Eclipse like you could with BluePrint and it is unaware of your current context in Eclipse. Not even close to being the same functionality.


          What is left is little more then a web browser, very disappointing.