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    Files take 5-12 min to open - stuck in "Import Snippet" popup


      My writing colleagues and I are using InCopy CS4 Version 6.

      When trying to open new icaps sent from our designer, we find some of the files take forever to open.

      They get stuck at the pop up box:

           Open Document

           Open document - Import Snippet


      Time seems to vary by who is opening it and is not related to file size.

      Some icaps open missing pages of content.

      Others open immediately and are fine.

      Eventually they usually all do open, but sometimes take as long as 12 min!

      After editing, the idap is sent back to the designer and appears to function fine in InDesign.


      A problem on the Designer's side, no?

      What's going on? How to fix?

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          I am a designer who is having the same issue. Since upgrading to InDesign/InCopy CS4 this issue has appeared in the Assignment files I send to my remote client on a PC.


          I noticed that in the InCopy Assignments, looking at the Links panel shows there are a number of images that have broken links, with the letters 'DT' to the right. DT indicates 'Deleted text in a tracked change'. Information on tracked changes is minimal in the Help Menu.


          I believe that this is happening because I am building from an older document that had links to a previous Assignment. Apparently my InDesign document has kept track of images that were embedded in deleted text.


          I managed to reduce the issue by recreating all of the text frames from scratch. But every once and a while it would resurface, seriously slowing down our workflow.


          I'm hoping to find out more from the community so that next time we produce this publication there are no snippet snags.



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            I'm having the same issue whether it is opened in IC cs4 or cs3. This is a major problem for

            us. We use IC in a workflow for 2 magazines, one of which is 160 pages each issue.


            Please post if there is a work around.

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              FA222 Level 1

              To follow up to SMonsen, I am in a similar situation in that I have to get my 88-page catalog in working order right away before the next production cycle starts.


              So, I've been trying everything to fix one of the many problematic InCopy Assignments from the last painful round of production, and I've stumbled upon a workaround.


              Before I mention it, I think the most effective workaround is to go back to an all CS3 workflow. I think the source of the issue is with how InDesign CS4 exports for InCopy, whether it be for InCopy CS3 or CS4.


              The other workaround I mentioned is to cut and paste all of the content of your current 'infected' document and paste it into a fresh new document.


              Doing this fixed another issue I had with hyphenation settings not being preserved and it also cut the 'import snippet' time to a manageable wait.


              I think InCopy CS4 always says 'importing snippet' at some point, but for certain files it takes forever to do. In my testing it will always eventually open, but 10+ minutes is too much time to wait.

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                mattaca Level 2

                I too am having problems with .icap files. When I try to export a chapter to an icap, the file is 112MB which is way too big to email.


                In my experience, no one checks the InCopy user forum. If you're still having problems, I'd suggested posting it in the InDesign forum. That's what I'm going to do!


                Good luck, guys!

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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  If you're going to cross post, please note that in you ID forums post.


                  As for the size of the file, are you including all of the images? That would certainly account for a large size.


                  For that, the file should be put on an FTP server of some kind for download. Dropbox is also a possibility.



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                    AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

                    If you use dropbox then you don't need to do the icap thing (Package for InCopy). Your remote users can just open the layout and/or assignments from their local dropbox folder. I have a couple publishing clients using it, so far so good! http://getdropbox.com


                    BTW there's nothing significant about the "import snippet" message ... everything in ID/IC is a series of snippets, internally. ;-)  I wish Adobe wouldn't include it in the alert.



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                      I have the same problem. It takes 1:30 hour to open one document in InCopy. And if I try to change anything in the text "Import snippet" box will show again after every inserted letter! I hope someone will find solution.