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    Internal Software Error while Burning to DVD Disc

      I am using PE3 and during the latter part of the burn, the process stopped and the following error message was displayed.

      .\Vobulator\Block Planner\Block Planner.cpp.line215

      Had no trouble the first time. Have tried burning to both +R and -R. Would appreciate any help, as I don't understand this message, or what I can do about it. Thanks

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Look over to the right... "More like this..." there are a number of similar posts. Does not appear to be a clear resolution.


          Some advice, to improve your success rate on burning, export your whole timeline as a DV-AVI... File>Export>Movie. then bring this back into a new project... add your DVD markers/menu and then burn to disk. Premiere Elements will burn a "straight" DV-AVI more successfully then a timeline made up of differnt clips/effects/transitions.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Also, Row, are you re-burning your entire project every time you want to make a copy of your DVD? (It sounds like you're re-burning an old project.)


            If this is the case, there's a much easier way to do this that's much less prone to problems.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The "Vobulator" is one of the Sonic authorcore modules in PE, PrPro2 (not in CS3 & CS4) and Encore. It is the module that creates the VOB files and assigns their structure. This thread from the Encore forum might shed some light on the issue. Ruud Blauw links to some other threads, and I hope that their links still work.


              You might wish to give more details about your Project.


              Good luck,



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                Level 1

                Hi Steve. As this was my first movie project, when I had done most of it, I thought it would be a good idea to burn it to DVD so I had a hard copy in case something went wrong and I lost what I had  done. To me that sounded sensible, and it burnt successfully. I then returned to my project and continued adding markers etc. On burning my completed movie to DVD disc the error accured. This seems to relate to what you have told me. Hope you can be of further help to me.  

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                  Paul_LS Level 4

                  You could try as I suggested, try finishing your movie then export as DV-AVI and bring this back into a new project for DVD authoring.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Using Paul's suggestion, things *should* work well. You will not be bringing your old Chapter Markers in (possibly some problem there causing the error), so you will redo those. This will very likely yield a "clean" Project, that will Burn properly. You will also have the benefit of a clean Media Cache to start with. Since the error indicates a problem with the VOB creating module, it is likely that something was out of DVD spec. someplace. Chapter Markers are strictly defined, and things like having two that are too close to each other cause problems. It would be great if the error messages were less cryptic, and told the user exactly what was going on and how to fix it, but remember that Adobe purchased the code for the DVD authoring (in all of their programs, that allow DVD Burning) from Sonic. Sonic's software (the code) works with modules, each doing one phase of the operation. These modules do not communicate well with each other, the OS and with the host program, PE in this case. That is a weakness with the Sonic authorcore, but until Adobe shelves it entirely, and wirtes 100% of its own code, avoiding patent issues, it is not likely to happen.


                    Good luck,



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                      Really hoping to sort this out as I'm having the same problem.  Has there been any resolution?  Bill, if this is a Sonic related problem, would it work easier by reencoding sonic sound tracks to different audio or mp3s files?




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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        Sonic is the company that basically developed authoring DVD-Videos. They make several high-end authoring programs, under the Sonic Scenarist label. The full-tilt version is ~ US$ 150,000, and then there are the full-licensing fees of about US$ 30,000 per title for the copy-protection on BD disks.


                        Sonic worked with the developers of DVD-Video, so portions of their software are within most authoring programs, and hence the name, Sonic Authorcore. Rather than try to "reinvent the wheel," Adobe chose to just license portions of the Sonic Authorcore, and created an abstraction layer to make things easy for the user. This is exactly how Adobe Encore works. In PrE, there is even more in the abstraction layer, as it does a lot of the authoring in a semi-automatic way, like choosing the correct number of Scene Selection Menus, based on the number of DVD Markers. It also will eliminate unnecessary Buttons, such as "Next" on the last Scene Selection Menu. This is done with no user intervention.


                        Now, when one has an issue with a module in the Sonic Authorcore, the chances are good that there is something wrong in the Project - something that is not within the DVD-specs., and must be corrected. This could be something like gaps in the Video, or Audio that is longer than the Video. Since DVD-Video is designed around the Video portion of the Project, Audio must take second place, and conform to some strict restrictions.


                        If you can post the full details of your Project, with your Assets, and then you navigation an Menu Sets, someone can probably find your problem, and offer help in getting it fixed, so that your Project Transcodes and burns properly.


                        Good luck,



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                          nw316 Level 1

                          Okay, thank you Bill.  You've been a lot more help than the tech expert I discussed this with early this morning.  Since then I've reinstalled my CS4 twice and still same results.  I did have one video linked to another which i can eliminate as far as gaps.  The only other thing I can imagine is it's related tot he slideshows which have music audio tracks with them.


                          My project has a main menu with links to the main video, special features and scene selections.  All preview great.  On the special features, I link to photo slideshows (5 - each with music) and three other videos.  When checking the project, no problems are indicated.  The error always occurs after all the transcoding is finished and it starts on either making the DVD folder or writing to the DVD disc.


                          I'm using the latest update of CS4 on VISTA (64bit), quad core AMD 3.2Ghz processors w/8GB of RAM and a NIVIDIA GeForce 9500T display card.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            I assume that you are using Encore CS4 for this Project. Is that correct?


                            Now, let's look at your SlideShows. Is there any chance that the Audio is longer than the Video (the slides and their Duration), by even one Audio Unit? If so, then extend the Duration of the Video by a tiny amount. I do my SlideShows in PrPro, and always have about 2-3 Frames more Video, than Audio. I find Encore's SlideShow feature to be rudimentary at best. Also, make sure that your still images have been resized to the Project's Frame Size, outside of Encore. This would be true if you were doing SlideShows in PrPro too.


                            Last thing, Encore can have issues with MPEG Audio. This can either be in muxed AV files, or Audio streams, like MP3. In general terms, MPEG is not even an optional Audio stream for DVD-Video. In PAL-land, it is "optional," but that is falling out of favor. The exception is the DD AC3 Audio stream, but it is unique. If I had MP3's, I would convert to PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit outside of Encore, and NOT use anything MP3. If I am doing the Transcoding in PrPro, prior to Import into Encore, I always do so as elemental/elementary streams, i.e. one Audio-only and one Video-only file. I then Import the Video-only file as a Timeline, and the Audio-only file as an Asset. Once into Encore, I just drag the Audio-only file to the appropriate Timeline, where it snaps into place.


                            Oh, one more thing: ganging Assets on the same Timeline can be problematic, and for some of the things mentioned above, like slightly longer Audio, than Video, plus gaps. I always have one Video Asset per Timeline, and then use Play Lists for my navigation.


                            Good luck, and hope that this helps.




                            PS - if this is related to Encore, there is a great forum for that program, with some excellent subscribers, like Jeff Bellune and Neil Wilkes. You can get some very good and specific responses from them. Here is the Encore Forum link - see you there.

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                              nw316 Level 1

                              Okay, Bill  - yes this is CS4 Encore and I will apply all of your suggestions.  I

                              don't have any MP3 currently in it.  I like the elemental separation of video and auido an

                              d will try the slideshow in PrPro first. I did start in the Encore forum and they suggested

                              searching vobulator which lead me around eventually to you here.  Also, each of my timelines are with one video only.

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                                nw316 Level 1

                                I've eliminated the slideshows and they were the problem.  Now I will go back and add each one to isolate where it is ex

                                actly, but I think I know as usually I try to extend my audio afte the video fades out.  Thanks a

                                gain, Bill.  BTW, I haven't learned yet, can you tell me how to load a DVD folder to burn a DVD?

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  Within Encore, one has three choices:


                                  1.) Burn to Disc - which writes the VIDEO_TS folder, and contained files to a blank disc.


                                  2.) Burn to Folder - which creates the VIDEO_TS folder, and contained files to a folder on the HDD.


                                  3.) Burn Disc Image - which creates an ISO "image" file with the above parts.


                                  If you do #2, or #3, you can then use the free burning utility, ImgBurn, to do the physical burn to blank media.


                                  I also strongly recommend that you see this ARTICLE on blank media, and also burning speed.


                                  This ARTICLE contains a link to about everything that one would ever want to know about DVD-Video, in general.


                                  Good luck,