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    Custom task notification emails per process

    The Flex Viking Level 1

      I have a requirement to generate task notification emails on a per process basis.  That is, the task notification email for Process A is different than the task notification email for Process B or Process C.


      Additionally the information displayed in the email changes on a per instance basis.


      Fine.  I can embed the EmailService component in the workflow before each task.

      The question is, once I decide to do this for 1 process , it seems I am required to do it for all process for ever more, because I need to turn off the automated task notification emails in AdminUI so I don't get double emails.


      Is this correct?

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          Diana Densmore Level 3


          Are you aware that you can create a custom email template on the Assign Task and Assign Multiple Tasks services?

          On the process properties for these services, make sure the "All" button is selected (top-right) and you will see a tab called Custom Email templates.


          By choosing the Customize radio button, you can set task level email templates for Task Assignments, Reminders and Deadlines.

          These will override the server templates for the tasks where they are turned on.

          Otherwise, the user receives the server level notifications.


          The other benefit, is that custom email tempates allow you to use XPath, which will be evaluated at runtime for the task.

          This allows a much more customizzed email message.


          In your case, since you want process level messages, you would have to customize each Assign Task service in the process if you didn't want the server template notification.




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            The Flex Viking Level 1

            Yes.  I was aware of that.  However, my emails are so complicated that I need to write a process or a DSC to generate the results.


            However, I didn't recall that not sending an email was an option. Doh!  Thanks for making me look again!  That combined with my custom process should do the trick.


            My other thought prior to your email was to  completely generate the HTML email content and stuff into a process variable, and then the custom email would simply use XPATH to stuff the entire contents of the email from the process variable.  Don't necessarily need to do that now.


            Generating the email and sending it outside of the task makes it a lot easier to design and debug.

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              Rob_RH Level 1

              In addition to the custom email template feature:

              Is it possible to distinct a group assign operation / user assign operation?


              The subject should be equipped with a text or something on which the user getting the email can see that the notificaiton is about an group assigment (no direct action needed probably) or a user assigment (take action immediateley).


              At this moment the template in the adminui UI (which can distinct user/group tasks, but has no process variables input possibility) is overridden by the template that is specified in the workbench.


              Another question: The group assign task operation send the email adress / email aliases that are specified at a group notification emails. It does not check the group members (child principles) and send them an email. Is this possible?