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    Flash Banner On Web Page Problems


      Hey everyone.


      I'm not particularly skilled in Flash, but I usually know enough to get around (animate buttons and such).  What I'm having a problem with is integrating a .swf banner I created into a specific place in a website main page.


      The space that I want it to play in is 931 x 258 near the top of the screen.  I want it to continuously loop, but ONLY play in that section on the main page.  When I import the .swf, however, it's huge and does not conform to the space at all (even though the stage for the .swf was 931 x 238 so this wouldn't happen... go figure).  Not only that, but you know how if you maximize the .swf you can see all your motion-tweened images and such on the edges and it looks terrible?  Yeah, that happens too.


      I'm at a complete loss.  I tried looking at kirupa.com, but I did not understand the tutorial at all.  How do I get the banner to play in a specific area?


      Thank you all in advance!