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    Posting XML to Web Servlet

      I have a web servlet that a third party creaded for my company that I'm trying to post data to, The way they set it up is by posting a starndard XML document (or string) that's wrapped by a pair of non-standard tags (the tags are --<<tagName>> -- ) . Its a little bass-ackwards, but I suppose they had their reasoning.

      The issue I'm running into is, when I create an XML Object to send to the servlet (using xml.sendAndLoad method), I can't find a way to have the XML object keep those non-standard tags at the begginng and end. Is there a work around to this? or a better way I should be doing it? See the text below for a clearer picture of what's going on...
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          enginpost Level 1
          if you are trying to talk to a real web service with a wsdl file, and you are using Flash pro 8, then I would assume that you just want to use the web service connector component and pass a string of XML in the format you need. You can do the same completely in actionscript if you read up on how to programmatically connect to a web service. But the key would be handing it a string that looks like the XML format they are expecting.
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            parkavedavinci Level 1
            I'd rather not use a component. I was hoping for a solution that would send the XML code as a string via. ActionScript. Is this not possible?