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    Problem with xmlList  Data very urgeny help me out plz.....


      Hi all,

              I am working with menu and button controls in my project , my goal is i need to assign a data to xmllist ,where the data is in XML File.after i assign the data to xmlList i have to bind it to ScroolableArrowMenu (flexlib.swc component ) , here is my code below ....


      xml file has data:data.xml








      <mx:XML id="data" source="data.xml"/>

      <script>( assume script block)


      var xmlListDta:XMLList=<>

      <menuitem  label="data.email" />

      <menuitem label="data.phone"/>

      <menuitem label="data.name"/>






      <controls:ScroollebleArrowMenu dataprovider="{xmlListData}" labelFunction="@;abel" />


      ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////

      when i am using  in label   data.email or data.phone or data.name .....the values are not coming from xml file ????