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    Page links from external URLs .txt file don't work

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      I'm working on a flash header for a website with the page links contained in an external .txt file, and I'm experiencing a strange problem.


      The site is both in English and Italian: I worked first on the english version, I modified the AS code for the new .txt file and then I saved the project with another name and translated all the text into Italian.


      I also changed the name of the external .txt file as well as all the page links contained therein.


      Problem is when I click a page link in the Italian version of the site, the links are the same of the English version; seems like the .swf file "remembers" the old links just as I never changed the file name.



      Here's the link to the site:





      This is the code for the .txt file:





      This is the "_urls_IT.txt" file:





      Can someone please help me understand what's going on?


      Thanks for your replies.