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    Uploading same page to various domains


      Hi all,


      A question;


      I have a webpage written in Norwegian and I have a belonging .no domain. The Norwegian language is very similar to the Swedish and Danish language. On my web statistics I can see that I have quite a lot of hits from google.no, but none from google.dk (Denmark) and google.se (Sweden). I would like my page to reach all these 3 nordic countries and wonder what I can do to get hits from these countries.


      I dont know if it is a good idea, or even legal, but what I would like to do, and I think this should make my page visibile for both google.dk and google.se:


      1. Create domains for .dk and .se, then upload a på web page to different webhotels pointed at by by my domains .dk and .se. I think this should increase hits from google.dk and google.se.


      Anybody have any ideas of the above, or how I can increase hits from google.dk and .se? Is my solution accepted by google (think i might have read somewhere that it is not accepted)?


      Thanks in advance for all help.


      Best regards,