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    Flash Builder 4 ETA?

    si-robertson Level 1

      Is there any official word from Adobe regarding the release date for Flash Builder 4? I don't really want to get comfortable with the beta only to find myself in limbo for months while I wait for FB4 to be released after the beta has expired.

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          Peter deHaan Level 4

          The Flash Builder 4 beta is currently available from the Adobe Labs site at http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashbuilder4/.

          The Flex 4 beta SDK nightly/milestone builds are available from the Adobe Open Source site at http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Download+Flex+4.


          And to answer your actual question, the release date of Flash Builder 4/Flex SDK 4 is currently scheduled for Q4 2009, with a 4.1 release planned for Q2 2010 (dates subject to change, naturally) [via http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Gumbo]


          Peter deHaan

          Flex SDK Team | Adobe Systems Inc

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            Vera Carr Level 2

            Also, if you have a FB 3 license, you'll be able to extend your beta trial. More on that to come here: http://www.adobe.com/go/flashbuilderextension

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              si-robertson Level 1

              Great news. Thanks for the quick replies.

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                It appears that as we approach Q2 2010, there is still no release of Flash Builder 4, much less a 4.1 release. 


                Is there any news on the Flash Builder ETA, for real this time?

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                  pauland Level 4

                  I'd rather have software when it's ready, not marked as a date on some calendar.

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                    everynerd Level 1

                    I'm happy for you. However I share the OP's concerns on developing with a product and having the trial run out before it's purchasable. It's especially disconcerting that the previously "guessed" release date has long passed.


                    Just looking for some answers.

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                      SpaghettiCoder Level 3

                      It's been posted earlier, if you have a FB3 license then you'll be able to extend your beta trial for Flash Builder 4.


                      So the worry about "trial running out before it's purchasable" isn't really a issue.

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                        everynerd Level 1

                        I read the post. I'm not going to buy a FB3 license only to have to purchase an upgrade for FB4 whenever it is released.


                        Looking forward to an Adobe employee providing an answer to the original question.



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                          si-robertson Level 1

                          The "trial running out before it's purchasable" issue is dependant on when you install the beta software. Developers who installed the beta early will no doubt be staring at expired software now, even with the FB3 license extension.


                          Some people already have their hands on prerelease versions of Flash CS5, so at this stage It would be good to know which month the software will be released in. If Adobe can't pin down a specific month by now then that is cause for concern.

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                            Daniel Pride Level 1

                            It would be really helpful to have some idea whats going on here.

                            I made the mistake apparently of switching development to beta 2

                            Figuring I would fix what was needed when the release came out

                            Is there a pseudo stable release i.e a nightlly build that was mostly good I can access?

                            A real evaluation of where the process is would be most helpful

                            Dan Pride

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                              yantzgh Level 1

                              If I had to venture a guess, I'd say they'll release FB4 when the 1st of the following happens.


                              1. Flash player 10.1 is publicly released
                              2. The CS 5 suite is released


                              Either way, I think it will be pretty soon.  I mean, Chet Haase has already written a rap about the 4.0 SDK.

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                                matt_chotin Level 3

                                We're getting pretty close folks, hang tight a little longer

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                                  hi there...


                                  we´d like to buy FB3Pro now for several project reasons....


                                  will adobe offer a grace period for FlashBuilder as well, so that if we now buy one/more licence/s, we

                                  are allowed to upgrade for free? it would be really helpful to get a hint....release date within the next

                                  four weeks? three weeks? six weeks?



                                  thx ia



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                                    matt_chotin Level 3

                                    Yes, there is a grace period.  Unfortunately there are accounting reasons that prevent me from saying whether we're in the grace period, but I think you should feel comfortable purchasing now.

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                                      Adnan Doric Level 1

                                      I don't think Flash Builder 4 will be released before SDK version 4.5 because of this bug :




                                      It is just inimaginable that Adobe will release their product without copy/paste support.


                                      Let's just hope that SDK 4.5 is coming soon.

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                                        everynerd Level 1

                                        Thanks for the updates, Matt.


                                        @Adnan: I hardly think a TextInput bug is going to affect the release of a development IDE.

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                                          Frustrated Entusiast

                                          In the name of God, why is FB4 not out already ?

                                          Just how many Silverlights will end up releasing since FB3?

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                                            It's mid-march...... Time is money right? Lets see that release date Adobe! This post is over nine moths old for goodness sake.

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                                              matt_chotin Level 3

                                              We don't announce release dates before we actually release.  We said early 2010, it's still early.  But very very soon.

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                                                TomBurgundy Level 1

                                                I have been observing the "Active Bugs for FB" pre-defined Search in Jira for a few weeks, and it has been sitting at around 220 most of the time. How can a release be very very soon then?


                                                PS A search on status "Closed" and resolution "Deferred" produces a staggering total of 3000+ bugs. Since some of those were reported by me, I would like to know what Adobe's road-map is for them.

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                                                  David_F57 Level 5



                                                  Bug status is not an indication of deferred release on a product, We were told in the forum a few weeks back that a release would not be to far away. If a bug is closed it will also have a resolved status if it was a meaningful or recognised bug. Deferred simply means that it can wait until a future release so deferred won't prevent the current release. As for open bugs well no product in the world would ever get to release if it was waiting to be declared bug free.


                                                  Adobe has rightfully avoided offering release dates that may not eventuate alla M$ style.


                                                  We have all submitted 'bugs' that may not be seen as critical to stalling a release for and hence they are either closed as unresolved(not a real bug), deferred as they are not show stoppers and maybe more an enhancement than a bug or left open as a non-showstopper's but a bug that can easily be worked around or has minimal to no inpact.



                                                  No we have from Matt that its really close to release so a little more patience is warranted.




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                                                    TomBurgundy Level 1

                                                    Hi David


                                                    Thanks for your reply.


                                                    In my previous post I have not stated that clearing all deferred bugs is a requirement for the release. I understand that deferred bugs are considered as not critical and will be re-opened (hopefully) at a later point. Hence my question when Adobe will start re-opening the deferred bugs.


                                                    As for the 220 active bugs, I would have thought that they would either get resolved, or declared as deferred.


                                                    Unless the next release is a beta3, of course.

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                                                      Frustrated Entusiast Level 1

                                                      It does not matter at all whether Adobe announces release dates.  What is not acceptable at all is that this release is approaching THREE YEARS in making.  Just how long did it take to get to Flex2 and even Flex3?  Sorry, but I do not see that you are delivering in this release as much as you have delivered in the previous 3 releases combined - FAR FROM IT. Whatever it is that you are delivering, vast majority of it could have evolved through smaller point releases, instead of this go-for-the-broke mess.  Meanwhile, competition is not sleeping and alternatives are either appearing or are about to appear "any day now". 

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                                                        matt_chotin Level 3

                                                        I don't know what query is resulting in 220 active bugs. We do have some open for consideration for a dot release, but there shouldn't be 220.

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                                                          matt_chotin Level 3

                                                          The time between FB 2.0.1 and FB3 was about 20 months I believe.  This release is about 23 months.  We're on a pretty regular cadence here (not at all near 3 years).  I realize that folks want to see updates in smaller point releases, but the truth is that doing that is nearly impossible from a financial point of view for a company like ours (at least right now).  We take a lot of things into consideration when we come up with release dates and build out our plans, trust me, all of what you say is kept in mind.  You know we originally planned on releasing FB4 back in October, but we decided based on feedback (from folks like you on the forums and others) that we probably had more work to do before this release was considered final.  So we waited and made some major improvements.  I think folks will be pleased.



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                                                            tinylion_uk Level 2

                                                            Personally I find the tone of your messages unhelpful and. I would have thought that as most of the people using this forum are developers that they would understand the development process, and leave the decisions on when something is ready for release to the people in the hot seat, and trust they know what's best.


                                                            I hope as a developer you don't talk to your clients in the same way you've posted here.


                                                            If you've something constructive to say, all well and good. But Im sure there are many who agree with me in asking you to watch the attitude. There's no need and it's not helpful.


                                                            Keep it friendly ay.



                                                            tinylion development & design

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                                                              tuxedo Level 1

                                                              glenn, i really do not get your point here...


                                                              i think matt tried his best to drop us some information about the release and

                                                              the release/development cycle in general - and he said as much as he

                                                              is allowed to.


                                                              you should be aware of processes and workflows established in companys,

                                                              so do not bother him with unfriendly replys...


                                                              imagine, he´s working there and signed (maybe, hehe) an nda - a common

                                                              practice... it will help you being a little bit less nervous when he announces the final

                                                              release date - and it helps him probably to loose his job...


                                                              so just let us relax and wait a little bit more...

                                                              or do your clients scream for latest-flashplayer-build-in-killer-features, so that

                                                              a very low percentage of visitors is able to see them?



                                                              just my 2 cents



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                                                                Frustrated Entusiast Level 1

                                                                >> I hope as a developer you don't talk to your clients in the same way you've posted here.


                                                                Actually, I was only relaying their sentiments.


                                                                @tuxedo, In fairness to Glenn, I read his message as being in support of and not against what Matt wrote. That is, he was targeting it towards me and others.

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                                                                  TomBurgundy Level 1

                                                                  @matt, re the 220 bugs: I am logging into bugs.adobe.com and there is a predefined search called "Active bugs for FB":



                                                                  Open, In Progress, Reopened, New, Internal Review, Under Investigation, Waiting on Info
                                                                  Sorted by: Key descending
                                                                  Am I looking at the wrong thing?
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                                                                    tinylion_uk Level 2

                                                                    Lol I was not talking to matt, but the other guy who did the actual question lol


                                                                    Im on Matts side all the way.


                                                                    Sorry for the confusion.


                                                                    It was the original questioner I had issue with. Thought he was rude and his manner not expectable.









                                                                    tinylion development & design

                                                                    • 31. Re: Flash Builder 4 ETA?
                                                                      Frustrated Entusiast Level 1



                                                                      What is it that bothers you, beyond the fact that I dared to ask the question, which evidently many others also had on their mind ?!?


                                                                      If you care for somebody, like you care for Matt, then why lie to him and why not tell him the truth ?!?


                                                                      (not withstanding the fact that butt kissing *will* get you some extra work)

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                                                                        matt_chotin Level 3

                                                                        For some strange reason I don't see the filter but I can still do some digging.  I'd make sure to pull out Feature Requests which will clear some things up.  And then there also appear to be a large number of Waiting for Info which means that those are bugs we can't do anything about until we hear something, though we look at them and make sure none seem critical.  After that you get into the ones that are already under consideration for the next dot release, or minor stuff that we haven't cleaned up yet.  I saw ~160 Waiting for Info, so that's the bulk.



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                                                                          David_F57 Level 5



                                                                          It's not easy all round, everyone can be frustrated for different reasons, I can sort of see Glenn's point, we should all try to be a little more considerate on how we approach the cuase of our frustration(I should talk I took a major swipe at a poster after 36 hours straight of development/coffee/redbull/webinars, something I now regret).


                                                                          You are frustrated because you want to know the release date, your continued push for this has frustrated Glenn who has a better picture of whats happening due to his position in the community, I am sure that Matt and some of the other Adobe guys are frustrated because they have been working their butts of to deliver us something that they can be proud of, and then can't share the full status of their baby until the powers to be give them permission to do so.


                                                                          All we need to do is take a deep breathe and trust in the judgement of the guys who are responsible for FB and realize that the 2 year cycle is smack bang upon us.


                                                                          When FB is released we can all go back to normal for a few weeks until people start asking about the 4.5 release date, isn't IT a grand thing .




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                                                                            si-robertson Level 1

                                                                            "Lol I was not talking to matt, but the other guy who did the actual question lol"


                                                                            If I'm not the "other guy" then ignore this.


                                                                            I understand how long application development can take but my initial question was a fair one considering how long we have been holding on for FB4, and I was polite enough to thank the Adobe guys when the question was answered.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Flash Builder 4 ETA?
                                                                              tuxedo Level 1

                                                                              sorry glenn, it seems that i was mislead...

                                                                              cake (or death)? flowers?


                                                                              i apologise....

                                                                              • 36. Re: Flash Builder 4 ETA?
                                                                                Fredrik Borgström Level 1

                                                                                Glenn, with all due respect, I think you are missing the point.


                                                                                I've been a developer for +10 years and I've NEVER worked in a project where the client wouldn't require me to specify a delivery date. To my knowledge, there is always a need for a customer to know when his product or service will be delivered, no matter the business. Whether you are going to a doctor, your car mechanic or a restaurant, you will expect them to tell you when they'll be done.


                                                                                And in this case, we are the clients and then it shouldn't be surprising to anyone that we are asking this question to Adobe.


                                                                                I think the directive to withhold this info is a strategic decision made at the highest level at Adobe. Adobe Systems is a noted stock at the NASDAQ stock exchange, and any info or action that could affect its value in a negative way will be avoided. So how would a disclosure of a release date affect a stock's value? The answer is that it probably wouldn't, but a delay of the release most likely would.


                                                                                If all of Adobe products' release dates would be disclosed, and several of the products weren't delivered in time, financial analysts all over the world would be wondering why. And that is a scenario that Adobe doesn't want to see happen, as their stock would drop in value. Because everybody realizes the importance of being able to deliver something in time.


                                                                                Personally, I think that is a bad strategy. Because we, as developers and designers, are currently Adobe's main clients. And getting us frustrated is in the long run a worse option than a momentary drop of the Adobe stock's value. Because our clients will also be frustrated, and we will start to look elsewhere for more reliable solutions.


                                                                                Some executives at Adobe might also reason that it's important to not make promises you can't keep. But once again, I disagree. Because one thing that I as a developer do understand, is how hard it is to keep deadlines. Especially when you have a client who keeps coming back to you with "That's really nice, but could you also have it do this as well?"


                                                                                And how do we as developers handle delays that are caused by our own miscalculations? We simply explain to our clients what the problem is. Because as soon as they know, they will be less worried. And that is exactly what Adobe, and most other software developers, should do instead of using their current strategy to disclose as little as possible. Not knowing, is always the greatest cause for worry and frustration.


                                                                                I once was stranded in Dubai due to a flight delay. First, people were surprised because they just met a closed gate. After about one hour of increased frustration, rumours started spreading and people were getting close to hysterical. Finally, a representative of the airline came and explained the reasons for the delay and said that we would have to spend the whole night at the airport. And even though the delay was over twelve hours, the level of frustration decreased as soon as the announcement was made. Because people are not stupid. If you tell them you have a problem with your engine and you're working on fixing it, they will understand and appreciate your concern for their safety. So instead of speculating and worrying, some co-passengers and I could spend the night in one of the airport's bars and have a good time. And we all stopped talking about using another airline the next time.


                                                                                If you think about it, Adobe have actually said that FB4 would be released in Q4 2009. Now they're saying it will be in the first half of 2010. So, in a way, they have given us an approximate release time. And that would contradict my whole reasoning, if it wasn't for one thing: They didn't tell us why. And in my opinon, that is the key factor for maintaining good customer relations: informing them when something goes wrong. Not doing so will sometimes be perceived as arrogance.


                                                                                While I'm at it, why does Adobe make a public beta and then another non-public pre-release version for a selected group which I and many others can't be part of? I mean, who would even bother trying out Flash Builder beta 2 if they weren't professional developers? So why keep a new version for an "elite" group of beta testers? I don't understand the logic of that. Because it is definitely not a move that will decrease my frustration and my perceived level of arrogance from Adobe towards me as a customer.


                                                                                I think the developers at Adobe are fully on our side, and they are just as frustrated as us by not being able to disclose more. But it's a decision that has been taken at the highest level in their company, so there's very little they can do about it

                                                                                The current philosophy of more openness at Adobe through open source, public betas and their labs site is something I believe many developers and designers appreciate. I certainly do. Now they just need to take that a little step further and tell us what's causing the delay.


                                                                                And while they're at it, they should make all the beta or pre-release versions public. Or make them non-public. Going half the way is an approach to things that I was hoping I wouldn't have to associate with anything else but my teen years.


                                                                                Fredrik Borgström

                                                                                Team-building for everyone

                                                                                (yes, I also do SEO.. )

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                                                                                  Daniel Pride Level 1

                                                                                  I switched to 4 based on some overly optimistic speculation in December.

                                                                                  It was going to be "right out"

                                                                                  It has been a disaster

                                                                                  I wish I had never heard of Flash Builder 4

                                                                                  Dan Pride

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Flash Builder 4 ETA?
                                                                                    FTQuest Level 3

                                                                                    @ Frederik


                                                                                    Wholeheartedly agree.


                                                                                    Every reasonable person recognizes that development can NOT be a perfect straight line.

                                                                                    So, just respectful informing that there are certain wrinkles that need to be ironed out would make all the difference in perception of the delays.



                                                                                    • 39. Re: Flash Builder 4 ETA?
                                                                                      injpix Level 3

                                                                                      @ Daniel Pride


                                                                                      Why wait for the release product?  If you're solely a developer, then the SDK is what you're primarily concerned for (excluding e.g.; Profilier and Debugger).  The SDK is a perpetual project, it changes by the night.  You can download nightly builds here:



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