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    how to connect flex client with server (java) which use Lcds 3




          im new in this technology. if i ask any silly question . kindly bear this  and  answer my question   im using flashbuilder4 with lcds3. i ve follow many tutorials. it working fine but i ve a problem. i'm using Drools with java in server side. im using eclipse for it. i want my flext client connect with java server while using lcds3. actually, which i understand after viewing tutorials about flex with lcds3. it connect RDS in flashbuilder4. it dont involve java code. i need it to write my business logic in server side by using DRools. is it any way to connect flashbuilder4  using lcds3 with java using Drools. i want to mention here that i'm using eclipse for java devolpment. and flashbuilder4 with lcds3 in client side