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    Doing Flash Builder Development on an External Server


      Hello Forum Members,


      We have been working with Flash Builder 4 Beta 2. We are interested in using Flex with a PhP server.


      In Flash Builder 4, I can't seem to see any provision for developing and testing on a shared hosting server(Like HostGator). When I try to set the Web root and Web URL to an external server I get the message "The selected web root folder does not exist", and yet I know it exists.


      It seems that the preferred method of development is to do it on a local server like XAMP with Zend AMF installed and then when development is done to upload all the necessary files to the main server and then test again on the target server.


      My question is does Adobe intend for the development test server to be running on my local machine?


      Are we at some point going to be able to point a PhP Flash Builder application to an external test server and do the development?


      If we are not able to directly develop on an external server, is there any work around for this so we do not have to develop on a local server?

      Many Thanks

      Fritz Klein