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    Error message

    thersher Level 1

      Every time I create a new page from a blank template, I get this error message:


      You have added or changed code outside the <html> tag. This change will not be copied to documents based on the template unless you insert this tag in the <head> section of your template:


                 <!-- TemplateInfo codeOutsideHTMLIsLocked="true" -->


      I have never seen this message before, and then when I Save As Template, DW is adding a .asp extension to the filename, so it looks like this-




      Anyone know what's up with this and what I should do about it? I can rename the template file and take off the .asp and everything seems to work fine, but it's a little frustrating because I don't know what's causing it.


      Thanks for the help!

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          What are you trying to add to the new page when you get this error?  This error happens when you are trying to insert elements onto a page and when Dreamweaver tries to add the code it is not able to do it because there is a part of the code that needs to be added in 2+ locations and one of those locations is locked.  For instance, adding a Flash video file, DW will add code to where you want the video to appear on the page and code in the head of your document.  If there is not an editable region in the head and body of your document where the video is to be placed, DW will generate this error.

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            thersher Level 1

            I am not adding anything. I am getting this message when opening a new blank template. Here's what I'm doing:


            File > New > Blank Template


            Then I select one of DW's existing templates. The default settings are XHTML 1.0 Transitional and Create New File for the Layout CSS. These 2 settings are what I have always used.


            Then I click Create, and the Save Style Sheet File As box appears, asking me to select where it's going to save the page layout css file to. I choose my directory and click Save, at which point I get the error message. I get this message no matter where I save my CSS file.

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              Ben M Adobe Community Professional

              In the code view of your template do you have an editable region within the head tag (it should appear right before </head>)?  If not, you need to make sure there is an editable region within the head of your document, otherwise you will continue getting the error you are receiving.

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                thersher Level 1

                I guess I'm not explaining myself well enough, sorry.


                This error message is coming from a blank DREAMWEAVER template, not a template that I've created. I can't even get to the point to put the editable region in yet. The message is coming when I create a new page from a blank DW template, before I can even save it as my own template. The only editable areas are the ones already in the DW template for the page title, etc.


                Then when I go to save the file as my own page template for that site, it's wanting to save it as a .asp instead of a .dwt. Why is this?

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                  bregent Most Valuable Participant

                  What is your default document type set to?

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                    thersher Level 1

                    XHMTL, I believe this is the DW default, because I have never changed this, and it has been working fine for me for over a year now.