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    text under image aligned on right of text?

    Eliminateur Level 1


      i'm having problem with a basic site design problem(yes, newbie question), take this page for instance: http://www.espiralcalipso.com.ar/virginia_libro.html


      you see that there's an image(book cover) on the bottom aligned left with 5px margin.


      The thing is that i need that image to be aligned RIGHT of the text(but not absolute right, only a little right of the longest text line).


      Also, i need to be able to put a text below that says"buy now" centered on the image width.


      I've tried alignment options for the image but none resulted in the effect i was hoping, also i need to set this for several pages like a template(so i'm guessing it'll involve a .CSS file or css code in a separate template).


      any help is appreciated.