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    Dreamweaver CS3 not starting after install

    Randy Mohr

      My previous Acer computer (Intel dual core, 2gb ram, XP Pro SP3) ran DW just fine, but it died a hardware death. My new computer is an HP 6005 Pro, pre-installed with an XP Pro (SP3) downgrade, AMD dual core 2.8 gb processor, 1.75 gb ram...


      The install went fine, but when I click on the icon (either the shortcut or the exe in the root folder) nothing happens. The hourglass starts for a few seconds then disappears and  nothing.  My other Adobe software includes PS CS2, Audition, PS 6, Bridge and Bridge CS3 (this versionof Bridge is from the DW CS3 insatll...PSCS2 is an upgrade so I had to install PS 6 first then the upgrade.  Is PS6 and Bridge interfering and/or can I uninstall PS6 and Bridge?)


      Where do I go from here?  I'm praying it's not an incompatiblity with the AMD processor!! I built and published my website with this DW and I'm stuck!!!



      HG Guy

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          pziecina Level 6



          DW is compatible with the AMD, so not problems there.


          Have you tried running the app as administrator? You could also check the faq's - http://forums.adobe.com/thread/429114.




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            Randy Mohr Level 1

            Thanks PZ!  I figured there wouldn't be an AMD problem (but, it never hurts to ask)...


            I checked through the FAQ files but nothing seems to work or is applicable, although when I search for the cache file (per "deleting corrupt cache file") I find in the C>Docs and Settings>Admin>App Files>Adobe>Dreamweaver9  that that folder is empty.  But, I'm assuming this should be normal as I haven't even been able to start DW for it's initial configuration.


            I've tried "running as.." Administrator but as I'm named as the Admin this doesn't work either.


            Another development: Up until today (or at least as of a few days ago) Photoshop CS2 has been running fine. But I just checked that and now Photoshop CS2 starts, the splash page appears normally, disappears and then when I use any keyboard shortcuts (to open a file, say) or click in the anywhere in the window the program freezes, palettes go white and I get "Adobe Photshop CS2 (Not Responding) and I use Ctrl+Alt+Delete to quite.


            Although Photoshop 6 (which is still installed) starts and works fine... 


            Could any of this be related?


            HG Guy

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              pziecina Level 6



              This may be a try this if possible answer, but!


              If you uninstall dreamweaver does PS run?

              Does the extension manager run (cs3 version)?

              Have you checked the adobe support site at - http://www.adobe.com/support/creativesuite/.


              Sorry that I cannot be much help on this.



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                Randy Mohr Level 1


                  Well it looks like Dreamweaver was the culprit.  I just uninstalled, rebooted my computer and Photoshop started and seems to operate just fine.  One surprise was when PS started I got the "What's New in Photshop" greeting as if I'd just installed it (although this may be because I had deleted all the settings in the Application Files) ...


                So, now I need to figure out why Dreamweaver did that. I did notice the install was a bit slow, and the uninstall was even slower, seemed like it took forever!


                Before the uninstall I checked the other components of DW and PS: the Extension Manager (CS3) was able to run, ImageReady in PS 6 and PS  CS2 worked fine, Bridge CS3 worked fine (when I opened a file from Bridge, PS would start, would open the file , but once I clicked anywhere in the window to work on it it would freeze).  Also, whenever I clicked on the DW icon once or twice the Windows Task Manager would have that many instances of Dreamweaver.exe listed in the Processes tab but not in the Applications.


                What would be the best way to go about figuring out why Dreamweaver did this?  And Fix it!!!!


                Is there a problem using CS2 and CS3 programs together?  I wouldn't think there should be.


                HG Guy


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                  Randy Mohr Level 1

                  The latest:


                  I tried a re-install of DW.  Again, it took much longer than I remember installing it on my Acer computer (like, over 15 minutes or so). And again, when I click on the Dw icon the hourglass flashes for half a second and then nothing, no startup.  It is listed in the Process tab in Task Manager (but, not in the Applications tab). Again, when I try Photoshop it freezes after startup and I terminate with the task Manager.


                  When I terminate Dw in the Task Manager and then open Photoshop Photoshop runs fine, no freezing (though I did have to reset my Color Management).


                  So, from what I can see so far Ps CS2 will run fine only when Dreamweaver has not been tried (or is not in the Task Manger as a process)


                  What's the deal here?  What systems could be inconflict?  How do I fix this? And why should it take over an hour for Dw to uninstall (yes, I'm using the Uninstall from the Control Panel)?




                  HG Guy

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                    pziecina Level 6



                    I run cs2 and cs4 programs on the same computer so I don't think there are any problems with running cs2 and cs3 together.


                    Have you tried installing the "Install - Support advisor" from the adobe support page link I gave you? Two other issue you may have a look at is to install without any anti-virus or firewall started, and ensure that you do not have a browser running as this has been known to cause a failed installation without any warnings, (installation appears to be O/K, but program will not start).



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                      Randy Mohr Level 1


                        I tried a re-install with both firewall and antivirus turned off (ZoneAlarm and Avira).  No change, Dreamweaver will not start (but shows up in the Process tab in Task Manager) and will not allow Photoshop CS2 to run (i.e. Ps starts but freezes when opened) until the Dw process is stopped.  Bridge CS3 will open and did open a file after a second attempt in Ps (the first resulted in the usual freezing of Ps), but after closing Ps and restarting Ps once again would freeze until stopping in Task Manager. Stopping Bridge in Task Manager would then allow Ps to open normally.  Adobe Device Central will open but will not close except through the Task Manager.  Extension Manager opens and closes fine and doesn't interfere with Ps


                      I can click on Dreamweaver (which does not start but is listed in the Process tab) and then open Photoshop 6 and use it with no problems.


                      Very frustrating! Something in CS3 is interfering with CS2!


                      I did download and ran the Adobe Support Advisor. It reported:


                      the module found no solutions to report for the selected log file.
                      If you continue to have difficulties with the application,
                      please contact Adobe Support: http://www.adobe.com/support
                      System Information :
                      Operating System = Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
                      Locale = en


                      Although when I exit the program I get this:


                      Creative Suite Product Install Inspector has identified an issue that needs attention.
                      An issue report has been generated.
                      Adobe will use this issue report to help address this issue in the future.


                      Also when I click on the "package for support" to generate a key for support it quites at 30% and says information is too large for this configuration and to go to Adobe Support for more information...


                      So what should I do next?  Call an Adobe tech support person?


                      Is this maybe a problem with XP SP3? I have read in places that SP3 introduced anomolies, should I roll back to SP2 (if I even can?)


                      HG Guy

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                        pziecina Level 6



                        I doubt if you can 'roll-back' to SP2 if the machine was bought with SP3, as this will be part of the installation and not an update.


                        Except for the question below, all I can suggest is to call Adobe Support, sorry.

                        Does your computer have any built-in security programs that are not part of the anti-virus or firewall programs?



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                          Randy Mohr Level 1


                            No, you're right I can't roll back to SP2, the SP3 was part of the install.


                          Windows does have it's own firewall, but I disabled that as soon as I got the computer and installed ZoneAlarm and Avira.


                          Yeah, guess I'll have to call Support  *groan*..


                          Thanks for all you're help and suggestions!


                          HG Guy

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                            Randy Mohr Level 1

                            Well here's an update.


                            I contacted Adobe Support by phone (after waiting an hour on hold).  The tech guy asked me for the serial number which I gave him (off of the sticker on the back of the dvd case) and he came back and said he couldn't confirm the serial # ... so it looks like I bought a bogus copy of Dreamweaver.  I bought this back in November '09 and just now I did an eBay search of the seller.  In his Feedback page he seems to be selling almost exclusively Ps CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3, all for around $130, there were 2 negative feedback claiming the serial #'s were illegal  .... looks like he's pulled up stakes at least with his then business name, "b-market-business" as he has no more for sale and hasn't since the end of Jan.


                            Well, crap...guess I'm going to have to shell out more money for a legit copy.  What a waste!


                            Caveat Emptor,

                            HG Guy