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    Outlook weblinks in email going to adobe upgrade


      Hi, I am new to this forum and hope you can help.  I have a Dell computer with XP professional.  I use MS Outlook as my email client.  It appears that whenever I click on a weblink in outlook that a download manager(Nosso) for Adobe reader activates and tries to download the latest version of the Adobe reader.   Even after the latest version of the reader is downloaded, if I click the weblink, it tries to download again.   These web links are not going to pdf files and are not related to Adobe at all.   One example of an unrelated link would be one that unsubscribes you to the email that you are reading.   I have uninstalled the Adobe Download manager- but this 3rd party manager still pops up from Nosso and still tries to download Adobe reader. 


      I would appreciate any suggestions on how to solve this issue.   Thanks. 

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          pwillener Level 8

          That is certainly not something that should happen.  Do you have that download manager in your Add/Remove Programs list?  Can you try to uninstall it?

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            Markcw98 Level 1

            Thanks for the response.   The adobe DLM was in the add remove list and I did uninstall it.   I also restarted the computer but it continues to do this.  For what it is worth, I looked at the html code in the email (do not know much about it) but was able to find a reference to the link to unsubscribe (this is what we had been trying to do in the email)- I tried pasting that link directly into my browser and it went to the right place.   So that is telling me the email source is correct but there is something being triggered each time I click a hot link in the email. 


            Appreciate any suggestions.