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    Reducing a PDF file size?

    Shoepepper Level 1

      I'm almost embarrassed to field this question as I've reduced many PDF file sizes before without problems, but this one has puzzled.




      I have been sent a PDF and I have no access to the original files. Size 254 x 190mm, 14 pages = file size of 8MB. I'm pretty certain it was created in Powerpoint with large all over images, text and gradients. Audit Space Usage shows 'Content Streams' @ 91.63%.


      I need to reduce file size to host on a website.


      What I've tried so far:


      1. PDF Optimizer in Acrobat 9 Pro (Mac). Downsample colour images to 98 ppi, no fonts in file, transparency [Low Resolution], discard objects [all checked], discard user data [all checked] and clean up [all checked].


      Result: same/similar file size


      2. Save as option, export to PDF/X and print as PDF in OS/X.


      Result: same/similar file size


      3. Set-up InDesign document import PDF pages and create new PDF smallest size/maximum images.


      Result: larger file size


      My next course of action is to open each page in Illustrator and try to optimise individually but before I embark on this lengthly course I wonder if anyone has a quick fix I should try first.


      Any ideas? I would be very grateful for suggestions.

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          The excessive content stream are objects like vector data which can't be downsampled. The best approach maybe to convert to jpeg and back to pdf, if you reaally need the files smaller.



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            Shoepepper Level 1

            Many thanks Dayle


            In fact I was just following that line whilst you were answering.




            PDF > Export pages as JPEG's (highest quality)


            Import JPEG pages into InDesign (saved time by setting up ID doc exactly same size as original Powerpoint so JPEGS drop-in without scaling)


            Output PDF on smallest setting


            Result: 2.2Mb (from orginal 8Mb). Type not as sharp but acceptable price to pay for smaller file size.


            I read your answer just after I completed this task.


            Thanks once again ...great minds think alike!