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    constructor parameters for data/services?

    Fredrik Borgström Level 1



      I've modified a generated sample PHP class. I would like it to be able to have it receive a parameter for it's constructor. How, and where, do I modify the generated AS3 service classes to accomodate that constructor parameter?


      And while I'm at it, it seems quite tedious if you want to modify the mysql table after the php and AS3 classes have been created. All the table's column values are hardcoded into the php code.


      And how do you modify the data/service itself once the data types have been created? I found the projectName.fml file in the .model folder which contains the specs for the data service. Do I have to exit FB4, change that file, and then go back in again? Or is there an other way?


      Sorry.. got carried away with questions, but if anyone has any answer to one of them, please reply. Thanks!


      Btw, for anyone else who is working in a country where you need to store UTF8 characters in your table, I wrote a little function that converts the data arrays to UTF8 before sending them back to flash. Let me know if u need it, and I'll post it.