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    Video lags, drags, stutters when previewing in Adobe Premiere Elements...


      I bought a new computer. The new computer is an HP 170t. Windows 7, 64 bit, i7 processor, 9GB RAM, Nvidia GTX260 - should be




      It replaced a 2002 Sony VAIO that I ran into the ground for eight years daily. I could load up three or four tracks of .avi video,

      effects, filters, etc. and play it back with no problem. Of course it took a couple of hours to render a file.


      I have installed a 1TB internal hard drive in my new HP that I use only for video, I'm not using the same drive as the OS for my video. The file I'm

      playing doesn't even have any effects, filters, titles - nothing. It plays for about 15 seconds then starts to hang, stutter, stop,

      etc. Makes no sense to me, I certainly have enough fire power.


      With the program opened it is only using 2.5 gb of RAM and 2% of the CPU. I am editing .avi video. The video is five minutes long, one

      track only. Nothing else loaded in the project.


      I'm running PRE 7. I have updated the video card drivers. I unplugged all of my external hard drives.

      I don't see any setting for CPU or memory, only scratch disc.


      Any ideas why I'm having problems? Thanks for any and all replys.



      By the way, this is the HDD I yanked from my dead computer. It was only about six months old.

      I have found a workaround by choosing the 'no scroll' option but that shouldn't be necessary with all this horsepower. Are the warnings an issue? This same drive was working well in my previous computer and is working well in my HP. Wondering if the damaged sectors could be the problem...