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    Linking Robohelp to QT Assistant Application on Linux

      I am trying to create a help system for an application that has been developed with the QT Assistant platform. The software is run on Linux. Developer doesn't think Robohelp can interface to the Application and prefers QT Assistant. I am new to Robohelp but loving it the more I get into it. Just don't know enough about its interface ability. How can I click on the application's help button and access a help system I create with Robohelp? Is there anyway to actually integrate the help system itself into the application? If not, maybe have help button link to help system out on server? Looking for options...Have briefly looked at QT Assistant...Looks like each help topic's html fle has to be individually pulled into it...plus index words manually keyed in...hundreds of topics...hundreds of html files to link and make searchable...if I have to go the QT Assistant route...hoping for help to convince client to use Robohelp...