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    Offline access to security settings for Flash Player ?

    akribie Level 2

      I use a laptop which is never connected to the web for customer demos away from base.  It does not have the Flash authoring environment installed either.  Furthermore, a customer's own system used to run development versions of web sites using HTML with Flash content is not guaranteed to have web access either.  Because some of the associated FLV files are quite large, uploading to a web host for such testing is not really viable even where clients have web access at meetings.


      I have an AS3-based project which triggers Flash 10 local security protection on systems other those that used for authoring, for which the workaround is to set the source folder as trusted using the Flash Player Settings Manager.


      Maybe I missed it, but http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/fplayer8_security_02.html doesn't seem to offer a useful way to avoid this problem without going on line to the Flash Player Settings Manager via an Adobe web site.


      Is there a way to configure the Flash Player to trust local swf and associated scripting without being on line to Adobe?  Or is there an alternative solution that I've missed?


      Thanks for any help.