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    Next release???


      Good mornig Squiggly Team!!! My question is: When is the next release???

      The community hope a new version with less problems for a full use. Many projects depends of Squiggly

      Thanks for your work!!!


      Good Luck!!!

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          Noela N


          We are trying to get a release out within 2 weeks.  This is not a promise but a target.  I do apologize for any instability you may have experienced with Squiggly up to now.   Squiggly is not a production release yet.  We are still building some key functionality and thus, we are calling it a pre-release.  As much as we all wish otherwise, some instatibility may not be possible to avoid.


          Thanks for all your patience and support!


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            beimon Level 1

            I must say the initial target is not looking realistic.  A more likely target is going to be sometime during the second half of March.


            We apologize for the delay...


            - Bruce, Adobe

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              Just wanted to provide a bump to the development team. This release is really wanted! Keep up the good work, and here is hoping that the next release comes out soon!





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                Noela N Level 1

                Thank you for your interest and support.  We are ready to go with the new release, working on last minute logistics.  Unless there is a major issue, we are expecting to be out mid this week.


                I look forward to hearing your feedback regarding this new release.