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    TabNavigator gets confused?

    Brian5010 Level 1

      Using SDK 3.4.1


      I'm running into an issue where I have x number of tabs and lose the ability to switch between tabs without selecting the same tab twice.  For example, if I have 6 tabs:




      (tab1) is my currently active tab.  And I try to select tab6, I get two different IndexChangedEvents.  The first has an oldIndex of 1 (tab1) and a newIndex of 6 (tab6) - and I can see the application change to tab6.  However, the second IndexChangedEvent has an oldIndex of 6 (tab6) and a newIndex of 1 (tab1) causing the application to change back to tab1.


      I'm still digging through code and searching for answers to this issue.  Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.





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          Brian5010 Level 1

          Finally discovered the cause of this issue:  html template with history


          Removing the history option from our html template (or using the normal template without history,) prevented the strange tab behavior described above.


          Additional notes:

          • The strange behavior was only seen in Chrome (
          • Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 did not have this strange behavior but the history (back button) did not work either.
          • Firefox 3.6 had a display issue where addition text (history related) showed up on the page below the swf (removing history from our template fixed this as well.)